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Corporate Programs

Our corporate program teaches your team to take control of their finances. We teach everything from getting control of money to maximizing what you have to learning to plan for retirement and college.  We have helped hundreds of families in business settings to learn how to win with money and feel less stress in life and at work.  This will give you a simple and effective way to help your team relieve financial stress and win financially.

We don’t sell any financial products or services that would cloud how we work with families –this program is 100% educational.

Even team members who are doing well find value in doing better. We are like a professional athlete’s coach – we focus on helping people do better.

  • 40% of employees admit that stress over money negatively affects their productivity and their health
  • 70% of American workers experience stress-related illnesses
  • There is a 33-percent increase in heart attacks on Monday mornings, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human services
  • More people die at 9 o’clock Monday morning than any other time of day or any other day of the week, according to the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Small Business Programs

This is a specialized product to fit your needs.  All packages include at least 3 meetings either face to face (travel fees may apply) or via SKYPE, or conference call, unlimited access to e-mail and follow-up phone calls.

If you are in business already, we will look at THREE of your biggest concerns.  These could be how to run a cash based business, how to get out of debt, how to better market your product, etc.  We will always do a comprehensive review of your company’s finances as part of the coaching process.

If you are wanting to start a new business, you have a dream and want to get started, we 

help you define what you are doing, what it will cost by teaching you how to do start up budgets, teach you how to own and operate a debt free enterprise, teach you basics including but not limited to the types of business entities LLC, S Corps, dba’s; how to get an EIN (TIN); how to apply for various business licenses, and how to set up basic bookkeeping for your new idea.  We can additionally teach you about marketing and getting your product out the door.

Regardless of where your business is today we will work diligently towards your ultimate goal whatever that may be.

All packages must be paid in full before the first meeting.

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Personal Coaching

Climbing Up and Getting Out

Do you want to get out of debt, end financial arguments with your spouse, and change your financial family tree forever?

Four months of personal financial coaching includes monthly face-to-face meetings and unlimited e-mail and phone follow-up/questions. We will begin by making a complete analysis of your current financial position. Then, together we’ll review your financial goals and create a personal financial plan that includes debt elimination, savings, emergency funding, long term financial goal setting, planning for retirement, kids and college and so much more.

If You’re In, I’m In!
Personal financial coaching is a life change for your family.  Are you ready to put in the time and effort needed to change your financial situation?  If you’re in, I’m in!

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