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Q: What’s the number one thing most employees do every Monday morning when they get to work? A: Check their bank balance. Stress over personal finances costs companies billions in lost productivity, illness & absenteeism. Statistics repeatedly show that having an employee financial program in your business boosts productivity.

You don’t have to navigate the financial waters of running a business alone. Small business coaching takes you where you are, helps you establish goals, and lets you manage your business without taking on any debt while you continue to grow. Let us help you find out what small business coaching can do for you.

Can you name a world class athlete that doesn’t have a coach? Michael Phelps possesses an enormous amount of talent, but while he swims his coach is constantly observing, analyzing, and leading him. Like Phelps, the best of the best recognize the need to draw from the wisdom of the experts and apply it to move to the next level.

So you think scholarships were only destined for the "Straight-A" student?

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